A new program triggers questions and we are more than happy to answer them: 
Q: I am a teacher and would like to enroll for the certificate. Do I have to re-enroll for university and pay tuition fees again?

A: No, there is no need to re-enroll and hence, no tuition fees are to be paid. Our program is free of charge as it is part of the federally-funded MoSAiK-project!

Q: I am a little concerned about the additional workload! Can I fit it in my usual schedule?

A: Admittedly, this program is additional work. It is time you invest in your personal professional profile! But we do everything we can to balance the certificate's workload with your usual workload, be it in your study program or your duties as a teacher!

Q: I live quite a distance from Koblenz Campus, do I have to come in every week?

A: The certificate is designed to be a mostly digital program, that means that we revised the content to fit the current circumstances and allow for a high degree of flexibility when it comes to logistics and time management. For the practical parts, we try to arrange for individual solutions that suit your needs!

Q: Throughout my studies and/or my time at the Studienseminar I was able to attend courses on CLIL teaching already. Do I have to do everything all over again?

A: This cannot be answered per se. If that applies to you, you would help us a great deal if you list everything you did so far as detailed as possible. We will then work out an individual program for and with you based on that information. 

Q: I study for/work at a Primary School and my second subject is German, how would I cover the content-subject part of the certificate?

A: We understand that German is not an option for CLIL/IFA-teaching but Sachkunde offers great opportunities, as well as Physical Education or Music lessons. We will, in a joint approach, find a suitable topic for you to work with at part of the certificate program. 

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Sarah Wunderlich

Sarah Wunderlich